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Interior Paint Made From Plants

We're improving the overall painting experience, from an innovative and natural bio-based formula to shipping paint and samples directly to your door.

Indoor air is typically three times more contaminated than outdoor air. Common paints and finishes significantly contribute to this indoor pollution.

Our mission is to provide better paints that are beautiful, functional, and a joy to use.

Color Collection 1

Thrive collection one with six design-friendly colors. 

What Qualities Define 

the Next Generation 

of Interior Paint? 

Discover some of the benefits of rethinking paint coatings with Thrive Paint.

> Made from plants and minerals rather than petrochemicals.

> Ingredient transparency. We share what's in our paint so you can make informed decisions.

> Zero VOC formula with no harmful emissions.

> Natural ingredients create a lower odor painting experience.

> Biodegradable formula. This durable paint will return to natural materials when it's disposed of.

> Cruelty free and vegan paint.

> Preservative free and non-irritating. Hypoallergenic paint.

> High coverage and a washable matte finish.

> Easy to apply. A drip and splatter resistant paint.

> Manufactured with renewable energy. Shipped carbon-neutral to you.





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